Favorite Beauty Product; Coconut oil


Last year, after a family discussion on which was the best cooking oil, I started using coconut oil.  I decided to research the use of coconut oil for cooking and gave it a try.  But, the funny part is that I loved its texture, and started using it as a skin moisturizer instead.  After some time, my skin was feeling softer and brighter.



My skin is very delicate and my lips get dry easily.  If you suffer from dry chapped lips, you know how annoying it is.  I rubbed some coconut oil on my lips when it got dry, and it worked wonders!  Later, I used it as a make-up remover, and wow! the feeling was great.  The mascara and eye-liner were always a pain to remove with any product, but my salvation again was the coconut oil.


DSC_3488  DSC_3490

I also used it as a leave-in hair moisturizer and it nicely shined and softened my hair.  You only need to apply a tiny amount, or else your hair will just be oily.  I am not an expert on the benefits of coconut oil and I don’t know if it works for everyone, but I just wanted to share with you all my great experience with this natural beauty product.


Flea Market Girl

Wearing Flea Market Girl rings, onyx bracelet and wrap silver turquoise bracelet

Energy boost of the Day

I have always been a fan of  juicing and smoothies but thanks to the Nutribullet Group, I’ve been trying out new smoothie recipes every day and they are just a part of my daily routine now.

Their recipe book have great blends, which inspired me to try even more new creative combinations.  Here is one of my favorite smoothies I make almost every morning as a breakfast drink. This is a great blend to add as a part of your breakfast to start the day with a lot of energy in a colorful and yummy way.  It comes with a full serving of veggies and fruits, plus a boost, Chia seeds; a plant-based source with complete protein.  It will give you that extra energy, just a perfect way to start your day.

DSC_3688  DSC_3691


Berries, Banana, avocado & coconut water blast

2  Handfuls of rinsed spinach
1 avocado
1 ripe banana
1 cup of strawberries
1 cup of blueberries
1 tsp chia seeds
coconut water
Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend! Add more coconut water as necessary, depending on your desired consistency. If using a Nutribullet blender please use the max line on the cups as your guide.

Hope you enjoy it

Here I am wearing Flea Market Girl Onyx silver ring bracelet, Midnight box brass onyx bracelet, Onyx tear drop midnight bracelet ,bull ring and midi brass ring



Flea Market Girl




pinks2pinks1 pinks5


For Spring, I am tending to lean towards softer colors. I wore a sheer flower maxi dress which I paired with jeans and black heels. Then, I layered two Flea Market Girl statement necklaces ( Cascade leather necklace & egyptian necklace ) and lots and lots of rings.

I used mostly neutral pinks for the make up: Chanel blush, and Mineral Fusion lip tint moisturizer in color: blush (got it at Whole Foods).  Beauty tip: don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use products in multiple ways.  I applied the blush as an eye shadow and also on the cheeks, then, finish with a tint to keep lips moisturizer.  It’s a fast and easy, natural Spring makeup that gives you a fresh look.


Flea Market Girl

Free People Presents Rangeen ft. Freida Pinto

Free People has created yet another gorgeous Spring catalog fashion short video!  This one was filmed in India, starring the lovely Freida Pinto, and directed by Guy Aroch and Carlos Veron.  The story is sweet, the photography is warm, and the bohemian stylings are pretty.  The best part was seeing the stunning Freida Pinto wearing Flea Market Girl earrings in the video!  The two Flea Market Girl earrings featured in the film are: The Half Moon Chain Drop earrings and Triangle Love Chandelier earrings.  They will be available at Free People soon.  We love how the earrings were styled with bohemian blouses and flowy dresses that seemed so relaxed and effortless.  The colors and sunlight captured in the film is really charming.

FreePeopleFMGPinto3 FreePeopleFMG Pinto1 FreePeopleFMG Pinto2


Flea Market Girl

Happy Spring Equinox


DSC_2543 DSC_2549 DSC_2557DSC_2567 DSC_2561 DSC_2566


It’s the first day of spring!  The vernal equinox – both day and night are balanced to equal lengths. Happy Spring Equinox everyone!

Here are some quick shots of what I wore on the first Day of Spring:

Vintage tee, Diesel Men’s ripped jeans, Flea Market Girl tear drop single chain, Egyptian Bracelet in silver, Rainbow quartz bracelet, Solar Triangle and bull vintage-brass rings ( Back in stock!) and arrows and moon adjustable ring (now in stores).


Flea Market Girl

Music is the answer

tumblr_n110auD0Tx1t8svzpo1_400 tumblr_n25hjoYXaE1ttwnq7o1_500 tumblr_n21mqpmYqv1rtl724o1_500 tumblr_n2jui5UIEZ1shhe39o1_500



So last week was SXSW.  And what comes after that?  Festival season!  Coachella is almost here.  We’re day dreaming about warm sunny skies, endless music, and parties.  Flea Market Girl Jewelry is your go-to for festival style.  Remember to complete your fun outfits with layers of FMG.


Shop some of our favorite festival picks:

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Patti smith and tassel earrings

blogposttassles blogtassles1 tassles2 tassles3

I’m excited to be wearing one of my fave new earrings from our Gitano collection, which will be available in stores soon.  They were the perfect statement piece to wear with my Patti Smith tee (from Zara) and a big floppy hat.  I finished the look with new rings also from the Gitano collection!  They are the Feather ring and Hamsa hand adjustable rings in silver.  Hope you all like these pieces as much as I do because I am really in love with this whole collection!


Flea Market Girl

White & Gold


whit&gold4 whit&gold3 whit&gold5

(  Tee – Free People, Turquoise Bracelet, Gold collar necklace ,hand chain turquoise bracelet and triple strand turquoise braceletFlea Market Girl )

Keeping it simple with this new comfy tee from Free People, booties and jeans, on this sunny and windy day in Los Angeles. Here, I am wearing Flea Market Girl gold collar statement piece, which makes this easy going outfit more fun and edgy. The outfit was completed with a dainty FMG hand piece, triple strand turquoise bracelet and with a chunky skull gold ring.

It’s been busy these past couple of weeks, but very exciting- happy to be working on the new collection (Gitano Collection) production. The Gitano Collection will soon be hitting the stores :)


Flea Market Girl

layer mixed metals




It’s almost here!  Spring is seriously just around the corner.  Now that Daylight Savings Time has begun, and the official start of Spring is about a week away, we can’t stop daydreaming about warmer days, and the lovely clothes we get to wear.  Blue tones and maxi dresses are just perfect for Spring.  I just love how this jersey dress has the long sleeves, perfect for the chilly mornings, and which you can just roll up by the afternoon in time for the sunlight.  It has that boho look and it’s classy at the same time making it easy to layer mixed metals and colored tones. Here I am wearing Flea Market Girl gold triple mixed chains with silver color quartz and triple bar turquoise short necklace. These stones, silver and gold metals really stand out on this navy blue.
I added Flea Market Girl rings and a bracelet with turquoise beads for a final touch.

Hope everyone its having a great week!


Flea Market Girl

Maxi dress by Threadsence

Photography by Paco

Illustration by Carolina